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i post a lot of dragon age and mass effect and sometimes half decent selfies who knows
me seeing a video game: ok but can I play as a girl?

Tv Tropes + Morrigan [x]


rly tho the two only playable females in the assassin’s creed universe are shao jun and aveline. aveline got a handheld game which was then also released for consoles a year later but with shitty graphics and glitches, and shao jun got a dlc sidescroller the same year two full games about white men are released. but i’m 100% sure dudebros are gonna be like “u have ur representation can’t you be happy pls go home” and i just

 To find him, you have to forget the stories, forget the legends. You have to do more than walk in his footsteps, for he is more than the sum of his actions.

Archers, you’re up! Here’s just a sample of the rogue’s archery abilities.  (x)

Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China is the second piece of content included in the season pass. It’s a downloadable title that reimagines Assassin’s Creed on 2.5D a plane. It’s set in 16th century China and follows Shao Jun, who’s the last remaining assassin of the Chinese Brotherhood. Shao Jun learned her combat and stealth skills from Ezio Auditore and will be going back home on a quest for revenge.

Make me choose deckofdreams asked: Nathaniel or Sebastian?

H U N T E R  


Where The Lover Never Leaves

Where the hungry never starve

Where the traveler never tires

I wanted to paint a tree but I also like Mass Effect and I couldn’t decide which love interest to go with.

crtis welcome~~~! And maybe you guys can help me decide which one to put on DA and which ones you would like as prints =D

Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China (Unity Season Pass Trailer)

video game meme → [1/5] heartwarming scenes/moments → edi’s attempts at joking