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commander shepard rattling off monologues from human scifi movies every time she has to make a speech and the humans in the team just snorting under their breath while the aliens are like “wow did she just make this up out of nowhere? this is amazing”

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video games need to stop fucking me up

I am not just a Spectre, I am an Ultra Spectre Elite 7000 Deluxe, now with less recoil and faster reload time.

Video Game Challenge | Seven Male Characters [1/7] - Legion

    “Shepard-Commander orders us to statistically probable death an average of 2.73 instances per day. Rounded down.”



i like to headcanon that biotic classes arent very fond of each other
especially adepts and vanguards i bet they are saying things like
“an adept is a vanguard who cant charge lmao”
“a vanguard is a stupid adept with an expensive shotgun”
and the sentinels are like
“you are both dumb and dont have the tech armor

And then there are the non-biotic classes just watching at the sidelines shaking their heads and all of them thinking the exact same thing.


welcome to rapture